Custom Laser Engraving On Different Surface Materials

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In the early days of custom laser engraving only a few materials were able to be engraved upon such as light woods. The early lasers were able to produce beams in excess of 10 watts which wouldn’t work on metals, or granite. Advancements in custom laser engraving technology over the past two decades have allowed custom laser engravers, like us here at M&K Engraving, to now use multiple surface materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, metals, and even granite.

Thanks to lasers with variable heat intensities, hardwoods like walnut, mahogany and maple produce impressive results for laser engraved products and goods. This is due to the fact that hardwoods are highly dense, which means that the laser vaporizes surface in a steadier, more constant manner. Softwoods can also bear impressive results, but the laser vaporization process tends to be more random and variable, which means that a reliable fan and vacuum system is critical for keeping the quality level high.

In addition, leather can also be laser engraved as well, and often produces an effect akin to that of traditional, rustic hot-branding styles.

One of the true advantages of custom laser engraving is that the technology opened up computer-controlled engraving and etching on synthetic plastics. Due to the fact that the laser can focus at different heat levels, standard cast acrylic plastic, acrylic plastic sheets, and other cast resins produce impressive results. Some new plastic formulations are even specially designed to work well with laser engraving, such as plastics that incorporate silicates or other materials, which conduct extra heat away from the surface of the material before it can deform.

Very early in laser engraving technology many service providers opted to use hand-controlled etching methods instead of laser engraving due to poor unpredictable results. New laser-engraving technology allows custom laser engraving companies, like M&K Engraving to produce highly-detailed results on many different metals. Thanks in part to newly developed and properly calibrated lasers and coated metal surfaces. Many of these coated metal surfaces feature a clear acrylic coating that is actually designed to be burned off. The coating, however, helps to control the vaporization process, allowing for a fine, intricate laser rendering.

We at M&K Engraving even do engraving on granite! It was once thought to be impossible!

M&K Engraving can custom laser engrave whatever you may need. Call us right away, or send us email to get your project underway.

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