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Engraving for commercial, industrial, business, and personal uses customized to fit your needs is the mainstay of our business. From small pushbutton legends to a 16” high plates for commercial and industrial uses and personalized uses for business awards and personalized gifts. The materials we typically engrave are; plastic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. We can provide any of these materials with a variety of text fonts and logos of your choice. Logos can be taken from clip art or from scanning your chosen image.

Industrial Engraving

Industrial engraving covers pushbutton legends of many brands, Square-D, Allen-Bradley, Furnas, Cuttler-Hammer to name a few. As well as machine serial plates with sequential numbers and machine data plates, which indicate, part numbers, serial numbers or other pertinent equipment information.

Commercial Engraving

Our commercial engraving includes engraving for building signage and business signs both interior and exterior. Engraving is typically done on the front face, however it is provided as reverse engraved and color filled as well. ADA Signage, Vinyl Lettered or Digital Color Images fall into this category as well.

Personalized Engraving

Our personalized engraving renders a great deal of creativity, giving a blend of traditional wall plaques with very radiant, full color images, which can include medallions and surface mount emblems there are also, desk sets and clocks available in a high quality walnut base or plaque.

Name Badge Engraving

Engraving of name tags, badges and plates is three-fold, giving an engraved badge with or without a logo, in a variety of surface colors. Secondly providing stills an engraved name badge or nametag but with the enhanced color logos, with engraved lines of text. And last but not least, the full process color badge, which renders the ultimate in quality, displaying your logo as brilliantly as it should be which can include your photo.

Plaque Engraving

Our custom plaque engraving covers our engraved plaque plates, which comes in two types, metal and plastic. The first is metal, being brass, which is available in textured (brushed), brite (which is polished), colored (black, red, green and blue) or a marbleized look, in burgundy, green and blue. And the last type is plastic or acrylic, available in almost any surface or color you choose.

Trophy Engraving

Trophies and trophy engraving in a variety of prices and sizes. Each trophy comes with a brass plate and base as pictured below. There are many figurines available, in plastic or metal, whichever will meet your budget, please don't hesitate to inquire about the one of your choice!

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is our newest addition to the product line; a totally unique look on a variety of materials. The included photos illustrate its abilities on glass, leather, acrylics, color plastics, coated metals, marble and wood. This machine engraves with a .005" dia. beam, this enables an intricate and detailed appearance to all logos and shapes.

Laser Glass Engraving

Laser engraving on glass is a unique touch for any gift item. Whether it be for anniversary, graduation or wedding. Votive Candle Holder, Wedding Glass Set, Shot Glass, Sports Mug or Beer Glass. Add a special logo or text to personalize.

Laser Plastic Engraving

Laser engraving on plastic comes in a variety of surface colors for indoor and outdoor use. Utilizing the standard palette colors as well as the new marbleized look, in burgundy, blue and green.

Laser Metal Engraving

Laser engraving on metal, is available on coated products only, such as brass, aluminum, pewter and chrome plated stainless steel. Pewter beverage mugs, anodized pens, license plates and frames, key chains, dog tags and multi-tools (pocket knife with screw driver, etc.)

Laser Leather Engraving

Laser engraving on leather inlayed products offer a unique look, from key chains, coaters sets, dog collars, check book covers to plaques.

Laser Acrylics Engraving

Laser engraving on acrylics offers a unique look to any award. Available in a variety of shapes and color tints. Combining reverse engraving, mounted color plates and clocks create the special appearance you maybe looking for.

Image Transfer

Color line imprinting and custom photo image transfer imprinting is a full color process we have available which provides a truly beautiful product. A custom color line photo image imprinting can include a full color background, layered with full color logos and text, as well as ADA attributes.


Custom color line industrial signs provide a multitude of safety signage for in plant applications or safety decals. Offering full color and durability, on either FRP plastic, aluminum, or interior/exterior vinyl.


Our business and corporate color line signs offer a very brilliant, colorful image for use within the office or on exterior doors. Again combining any background, logo and text for inter-office or directory board applications.


Color line imprinting and custom photo image transfer imprinting includes a variety of products, ranging from a specialty desk or wall plate to a wall plaque commemorating or awarding individuals or groups. Desk and wall clocks can be provided with a full-face image or images placed on the hour positions to show growth or graduation images.

Business Signs

Custom signs for indoor and outdoor usage for business, commercial and personal use: Interior and exterior vinyl lettered signs or custom vinyl decals, using either multi-layer colored vinyl or a full color sublimation image.

Interior Signs

Custom interior business signs with a very unique look. We are able to use backgrounds of your choice to maintain continuity of color within the office. These are photo quality images, applied to our photo prepared wood, metal, aluminum and vinyl. We don't claim to re-invent the wheel here we just want to enhance your color presentation.

Exterior Signs

Custom exterior business signs with a very unique look. Offering the standard multi-layer, multi-color vinyl or a full color, photo quality, continuous printed vinyl up to 40 feet in length. The vinyl applications have a life of two to seven years depending on the type of base vinyl chosen. Applications: windows, metal siding, wood and aluminum or magnetic signs.

Color Photo Transfer

Color process photo transfer and imprinting for Signage, Decals, Stickers, Labels, Static Clings and Clothing, at its very best, in brilliant full process color, high resolution images. Placed on a variety of medias including aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, wood and magnetics. A totally unique way of displaying your statement, logo or artwork and making it work for you, on a variety of medias. Enter our world of graphics, allowing us to make your company more visible.

Signage Photo Transfer

Color process image transfer and imprinting for Directory boards, door and desk plates, rate charts, magnetic signs, interior and exterior signs, personal and achievement awards.

Decals Photo Transfer

Color process image transfer and imprinting for decals and products created in vinyl. Personalized: items such as oval labels to show the ownership of any personal item, cameras, laptops, tools etc. Industrial: displaying product serial or model numbers. Commercial: interior / exterior signs showing entrance or exit, for use on walls or glass mount, with a color or clear background. Safety: displaying the appropriate logo and verbiage for any application in personnel or equipment handling.

Clothing Photo Transfer

Color process image transfer and imprinting on T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, beverage insulators, placemats, pillows, etc.

Personal Photo Transfer Gifts

Color process image transfer and imprinting on Mouse pads, beverage container wraps, placemats, clip boards, desk and wall clocks, vanity license plates and frames, coaster sets, serving trays, key tags, ceramic tiles, trivets, dry erase boards, clipboards, picture frames, plaques, wine stoppers, luggage tags, sports bag tags and door hangers.

ID Cards

Custom created and personalized announcement, invitations and ID cards created with our color process to create a beautiful product with a vibrant look. The cards can contain photos, logos, fingerprints, signatures and bar codes. We offer a photo service in the process, but will accept your digital images in the appropriate format.

Photo ID Cards

Our custom photo ID cards are unique to each customers needs. Using a full color process for all text, logos and photos. Applying all this to a durable, PVC, credit card type material. We have found no limitations to the quality of the product, other than the resolution of artwork or logos we receive. This is a must, if you have employees in the community and in the homes. Our product adds a very professional touch to your staff. Ideal for corporate and business employee security ID’s, student ID’s or any application requiring photos ID’s for security reasons.

Personalized Photo Cards

Custom created and personalized announcement, invitations wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcement or as a gift tag with a photo of the entire family. Using a full color process for all text, logos and photos. Applying all this to a durable, PVC, credit card type material, we guarantee, you'll love the finished product. Lets us personalize your business card in the same process! You will make a real impression!

Vinyl Signage

We are able to provide indoor and outdoor highly-customized printed and diecut graphics with a 3 to 5 year outdoor durability. With this new advanced digital printing solution we will are able to meet all of your graphic needs. We will also be able to provide you with some unique materials.


Our findings are of the very best quality available: lanyards with safety break-away, beaded chains, safety pins, swivel clip w/3-1/2" clear strap and 2-piece magnet.


A list of websites you may find helpful in your search for engravable items; personal gifts, wedding items, memorabilia, and more.

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